Here are some of the workshops we currently offer - all can be customised.

Hello (maker) world! - An Intro to digital making

An introductory session to the world of digital making technologies including learning about 3d printing, tinkering with electronics, playing with robots and having a go at the banana piano!

Creative coding

Get started with block coding and building physical computing projects.

Craft in 3D

Learn 3d design and print your own design in this interactive workshop. We’ll also look into how 3d printing can solve problems and help your community.

Here come the robots

Will robots take over the world? Meet a range of different robots, code and play with them and then use design thinking to imagine your own robot.

Future inventors

Learn about electronics and use design thinking to come up with your own invention!

Beautiful circuits

Circuits on paper where the circuit becomes art.

Embroidered electronics: bling ya textile

Electronics on textile: sew you circuit, program it and see your fabrics come to life like never before.


Be a storyteller using Stop Frame Animation (frame by frame animation) and/or fly thro the clouds, float in space and much more using a Green Screen.

De-construct and hack!

We will become technology detectives deconstructing and hacking electronic devices (electric toothbrushes, toys that move, make a sound or any electronic device, or even computers, monitors, TV, radios if available). We will explore what components are inside, explain what they are for and attempt to hack them to create artwork or something new!

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